Lingua Plus Ry

Lingua Plus Ry is a non-profit organization to bridge life between immigrating people and Finnish society.

Our goals are:

  1. Retaining one’s native language and culture while learning new languages and exploring new cultures.
  2. Helping immigrating people to find ways to make our country their new home: education, exercise and fun for people of all ages.
  3. Empowering immigrating people, advancing their well-being and prevent feelings of isolation from Finnish society.
  4. Develop constructive feedback and interaction skills with people of different origins. Help building respect for diversity of language and cultures.
  5. Assisting with the overall well-being and health of immigrating people.
  6. Helping people to learn how to avoid or handle crises and problems in everyday life.

Some of our methods to accomplish these goals are:

  • Offer language clubs and tutoring.
  • Host concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, camps, competitions, discussion panels, community trips and visits.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with government officials, other organizations, companies and regional offices and offer them training and education.
  • Arrange cultural, social and health-based campaigns.
  • Help with planning various social clubs and club activities.
  • Translate brochures, literature and similar materials to different languages.

We hope to see you soon!